Filmora Pros & Cons

Filmora pros and cons

Filmora is a video editing software used worldwide by people whether for their hobby or their professional purpose. Its editing tools support 4k video which gives you a well-edited video, its number of being preferred increases day by day.

There are some People new to this software who also want to know if it’s good for both amateurs and professionals? Since every coin has its two sides, it also has its pros and cons. Now we are going to targeting on them briefly so that it clears you each of the perspectives before you got this software. You can get this advanced video editing software at an affordable price by using an exclusive Filmora X coupon code.

What are the Advantages of Filmora?

Here below are mentioned pros of Filmora.

  • One of the prior choices of those users who are involved in business related to information technology or service industry.
  • It offers you an initially free plan for beginners
  • Easily import/export your file in a different format.
  • Can upgrade the quality of your video.
  • No watermarks if you get the paid version.
  • Presets and filters are available.
  • Provide video tutorials on how to use it.
  • Edit your video with copyright-free music.
  • It provides you regular software updates for improved editing tools.
  • Audio equalizer and audio mixer.
  • Multiple functions like noise removal, screen recording, color grading, transition effect, and can add connotations.

What are the Disadvantages of Filmora?

So now the cons of Filmora.

  • Its biggest flaw is watermarking in its free versions.
  • People are facing sometimes bugs and lagging issues in its new versions.
  • Some of the users reporting over its low transition quality.
  • You can’t add up your new audio along with the edited video.
  • Some of the functions don’t work well sometimes.
  • The video saving process takes a long time.
  • Its paid version is quite expensive to afford for most of the users.

As there are many disadvantages of this software so you may look for Filmora alternatives. also you can compare Magix Movie edit Pro vs Filmora to know which one is better to choose the best one for you.

Pros and Cons of Filmora Pro

FIilmora pro is the best substitute for its earlier version, it’s an upgraded version that is available for free and in the paid version. It acquires most of the advanced features which are not there before and we are going to state them. But still, it has a bit of limitation which are-

Advantages of Filmora Pro

  • Provide you with highly animated stuff.
  • Upgraded color grading tools.
  • Advanced effect text, titles, and lights and flares.
  • Allows you to keyframing, which gives you a hint about that point where audio fades up or down.
  • Ease in and ease out options.
  • Pan and zoom-in options give you an amazing video editing experience.
  • It has an auto-correcting feature, color wheels, unlimited tracks.

Disadvantages of Filmora Pro

  • It also has a watermarks problem
  • Can’t support windows 32- bit & for Mac x 10.10
  • Enough good quality audio editing tools.
  • You need to log in to export the video.

Since there are quite a few of limitations of using Filmora pro. So you can compare Filmora vs Davinci Resolve to know which one is better.

Pricing of Filmora pro

Free trials, a year plan of 89.99$, and a lifetime plan 49.99$, means you can use it in a single device with this life plan. Although, using Wondershare coupon code will help you get Filmora at a much cheaper price then the actual cost of this product.


So we’ve mentioned every reason to use this software or not. It got most of the features in its free plan and quite a little of limitations. If you can afford its paid version, you got unlocked most of the features, with a few cons. So choose wisely according to your standard and your needs and have a great video editing experience.

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